Is there any activity where we can minimize the run time to read a big excel file

I have a big Excel file (more than 100000 cell) , For reading this excel file UI path is taking 6, 7 minute through Read range activity.
Is there any other way to read this where we can minimize the run time.???




I don’t think so any other activity to do this.

@keshav you can try by connecting excel as database it might reduce your time. Give it a try once.

For reference u can check below thread how to connect excel as database and also look other threads in uipath if you get doubt in below thread.


Thankyou Manju. I think for this approach I need any DB in my system. Currently I don’t have any DB in my system.


Hello @keshav from where you are trying to access the file… like from Local drive or network drive…
if you are accessing file from network drive then there might be latency issue with your network drive…
I tried reading excel file (column-44 rows-8000) in local drive via read range (workbook), it took only 2 second.

Hi @AkshaySandhu, I am Reading excel file from local drive only. And it has 175 column and more than 100000 cell.

by 100000 cell you mean 100000 rows… right…?

@AkshaySandhu No not row. I mean to say i need to read data from cell A2 to cell FS 1959 (total of 239293 cell )

working flawlessly for me (2 second)…
cells - 342825(including blank cells)

Don’t know why it is taking so much time for me.

HI @keshav,

3,93,645 rows
16 colunms
Total cells = 6,298,320‬
it is taking only 1.09sec for me.


HI @keshav,

Have you applied any formula in that excel then Please remove and do the read range activity and make sure that your are using the current version of excel.


Which Read Range activity?
There are actually 2:

  • App Integration\Excel\Table\Read Range
  • System\File\Workbook\Read Range

Depending on what you want to do, the File\Workbook\Read Range is probably faster but more limited in possibilities.

The question is what do you want to do next with your Range/DataTable?

I am using App Integration\Excel\Table\Read Range.
I am using Excel application scope → App Integration Read range-> Invoke method for removing one column->then again some filter wizard on data table. and so on

I have used Read CSV now it is executing within a minute.

Thank you all.


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