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I am attempting to create my first bot and I need a little help. Attached is an image which I will reference.

What I am trying to do is automate a click the first “Notes” run a sequence…and on completion click on the second “Notes” run a few things click on the third one and so forth.

Thanks in advanced!

@heblightning I’m assuming that’s an HTML table - if so, use the Data Scraping tool to capture the structure (which can span multiple pages). This can then be loaded into a datatable, and once there, you can iterate through each row and open the appropriate links for your task.

As for logging out then in again, you would need to put the whole thing inside a loop that iterates through a collection of login credentials that you create.

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I wish it were that easy but as you can see in the picture its a link that opens another window and from there I gather the data. I need to automate the clicks in the html table.


Use data scraping, also you can scrap the link from the table by selecting url option while scraping.

Once you get a data table as a output from the web scraping which contains all links from the Web table…then you can loop through the links in a for each loop and use navigate activity inside attach browser which will navigate to notes link for each row… Then you can do remaining thing’s



You can use find children activity indicate the entire datatable and in filter options you can pass the notes selector it will automatically loop one by one (one after another like notes1 , notes 2 … So on) by using for each loop (mention type argument UiPath.core.uielement)
Inside for each loop

If you want to perform take click activity in element ( which is in click activity)pass “item” of for each loop( which is in for each loop)

It will click automatically one by one(like notes1,notes2 … So on)

Hope this helps

Aman Sheik


This sounds like the solution I want but am very unclear on how to proceed. I have been using UIPath for maybe a few weeks so I am very new. Would you mind breaking it down a bit more step by step for me? I have a find children activity and have indicated the correct element but I am not sure what to do now.

Thank you!!!

@heblightning - I think what you can do is if you can loop through the rows, and grab elements from each row, extract the URL then use the “Navigate To” activity to direct the browser to that URL location of “Notes”, run a few things, the you should loop to the next row. Rinse. Repeat.

so, basically:

For Each Row in DataTable
Navigate to: row.column(3).value.ToString (I’m not sure of the exact syntax here, but this should give you the idea)

'Do Stuff

So if you have 10 rows, it will repeat until all 10 rows are processed.

Quick question: UI Path is based on .Net programming knowledge; how proficient are you in VB .Net or C#?

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@sagacity- Not very but C# I have a rudimentary grasp of and am learning more.

Ok, just wondering, because often when looping through collections you have to get into some basic .Net stuff.

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Is this site is available for all.if yes, you can share the link here. I will try and share you the solution here.

Here is the steps

Take find children activity (indicate whole datatable)
Open UiExplorer and indicate upto Notes only copy the XML which is like (webctrl) copy this one you can give filter options in (find children activity)
Then mention the output of find children ( that should be I think( ienumerable )

Now take for each loop ( type argument should be UiPath.core.uielement)

Inside for each loop you want to click (here you can mention in place of element as item(which is in for each loop))

Hope this helps

Aman Sheik


Hi @aman_sheik

i have similar situation, where i need to click on each row of internet table and fetch the data, but i am not able to iterate over the each row itself.

i tried lot of thing but nothing is working out.

can you help me to resolve my issue?

Thanks in advance?


Can you share some sample screenshots of datatable.


yes and thanks for reply.

as you can see the data table, i need to double click on each row of column (Name).


Above is my logic which should iterate the table but not working.

Any suggestion? it’s urgent for me.