PDT table to Excel


I’m struggling to convert some data from a PDF to Excel. Here below a screen shot of data from a PDF that I have to upload to Excel. Any suggestion / comment would be welcome. It is not possible to use Uielement in the PDF. I have to use OCR. I tried to extract column by column with screen scraping but blanks values for an account are not catched.

Thanks for your help.

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I went through same scenario,
Check the pdftables.com they are providing API to convert PDF tables to excel.
Try and let me know, if you didn’t get I’ll upload my sequence.


if it is readable PDf then you can achieve by generate data table. providing tab as column separator and new line as new line separator

Hi Meg,

As I’m not very familiar with API’s, It would be very helpful for me if you could share your sequence :wink:



Attached the flow, input your PDF with tables it will give the output test.csv
PDF2csv.xaml (8.1 KB)


Thanks Meg.
I tried to load the xaml but I have the below issue. Both OCR and PDF packages are installed. Do I need to install another package?



the missing activity is HTTP Request, so you have to install Uipath.web.activities packages.

Thanks a lot for your help. Unfortunately, for security reason, I cannot send HTTP Request.


Not a viable solution, asking for 2/-Rs per page, that’s too much.

I guess you have first n free transactions.