Extract table contents from OCR PDF to excel

Hi All , I need help on extracting table contents from OCR pdf and then i have to insert that data into excel … Please help me on this.

NOTE: I need to extract the data contents without opening the PDF in the background.
its urgent please help me on this…

Please find the attached PDF sheet and screen shotInvoice.pdf (108.7 KB) Capture

Hi @Kiran_Bg

we have PDF to Excel activities available in the packages. you can search and install those

another method
if you have acrobat license

I have used pdf to excel activities , i got the result , but for table contents i’m not getting how to use this PDF to excel activity , if u have idea on this please help me.

i dont have bro, i need to do this by automation using uipath only not using acrobat

you can open this pdf file with microsoft word, and copy table and paste it to excel