Pdf to Excel converter

Hello guys , Is there a code or an activity which will help me in converting pdf to excel directly in Uipath?
Can anyone share the xaml if they have one

Hi @gokul1904

Check the below reference link !


Note :It will extract the tables from Pdf files!


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Hi @gokul1904

In addition to what @pravin_calvin provided, you can make use of below one as well.

Hope this one will be useful. Thank you.

Hey ,

This activity only converts 3 pdf pages to excel. I had tried with this one.

You can also see it is mentioned in the description :
This activity will helps in to extract the PDF text data and tabular form data into Excel file format. SautinSoft used offers a trial version that only converts 3 pages of PDF to Exc el and that it is for evaluation purposes only.

Hi @pravin_calvin - I am not able to fetch the license.
But i guess this will only convert tabular data. Is there a way to convert the pdf to excel directly with some activity or code.
I am facing this issue in Adobe Acrobat reader where we dont have the functionality to convert the pdf to excel.
Missing Adobe Acrobat Pro big time!

Then we can try building an own logic to achieve this.

Step1: Extract the data from PDF using ‘Get PDF Text’ and store it in an variable

Step2: By using some sort of string manipulation or regular expression categorize the columns we need for excel file and store it in array by separating column values with some delimiters.

Step3:Build a datatable by using ‘Build Data Table’ activity with required columns.

Step4:Loop through the array item and Add Data Row to the Data Table for entire collection.

Step5:Finally write the DataTable into an Excel file by using ‘Write Range’ Activity.

I hope this will provide an idea to some extend. Thank you.