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Dear Team,

Please guide to capture the values from attached PDF. i tried to capture the each values instead its selecting whole pdf pages.
R15351.pdf (437.3 KB)

Need to capture the values and update to below excel template.
Electricity.xlsx (10.1 KB)

Issue Snap while using Get OCR text with Tesseract.
Isssue Snap.xlsx (2.0 MB)

Hello @jaffer_sadiq ,

Please check the following post. It might help you to select the fields you need:

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Ok Brother.

Hi @jaffer_sadiq

Check out the Docs and thread


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You can import a PDF file directly into Excel and extract tabular data from it:
Open an Excel sheet.
Data tab > Get Data drop-down > From File > From PDF.
Select your PDF file & click Import.
You’ll now see a Navigator pane displaying the tables & pages in your PDF along with a preview.
Select a table & click Load.


Dear Marius,

I have enabled all the setting based on your snap in the PDF, even its selecting whole page. also Iam trying to go through your Xml file but it shows Missing or Invalid activity.

Please advise on this.