UiPath cannot read Microsoft PDF (producer)

I have hundreds of PDF files that I am looking to process and it seems among a few others, that any PDF created with Microsoft PD,F UiPath is unable to identify individual fields in the document. Get Text sees a single large block of text. Open a PDF and click CTRL+D to get the properties to reveal the PDF Producer. I wanted to know if this is a limitation of UiPath.

Hello @AlienV ,

UiPath is able to read pdfs no matter if it is native or scanned pdf.

In your case, it seems that the pdf is not scanned (it’s native).
Hence, as per UiPath’s academy recommendations there are a few steps you need to do before automating the task:

Source: PDF Automation with Studio (from UiPath Academy)
Link: https://academy.uipath.com/courses/pdf-automation-with-studio

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Thanks Marius. I had all of those checked per those best practices and when indicating an element it always highlights the entire area containing fields for those specific PDFs with no exception.