PDF Extract data from drawing

The above Autocadd drawing, I need to extract some of the data from this autocadd drawing to excel. I managed to extract the data from pdf to excel, (Highlighted on yellow)
If close the uipath studio and close the pdf file and run again, it will extract the different data.
Please help me any way can extract the data from PDF to excel.
Thanks for your support.

Murali, there are multiple points you need to examine in your case.
First see your DotNet frame work whether you have installed 4.5 and above.
second, see your selector whether you have added any idx (index) value to grab the text from PDF.
some times UiPath will find the text on PDF by using indexing which is not stable. when you close the application (PDF) instance then index value will change. then UiPath will grab different data. So please find stable values in selector to grab text from PDF.

Hi RkElchuri
Thanks for your reply…
I already installed the .net frame work in my pc. Any example have to extract like this data…

Hi @mm.murali18,

i hope the position mat be changed each time can you check on that.


hi Arivu,

Yes, When i open the drawing the position changed, The output value also different. The drawing size A1. When i capture that time i was zoom and i use the screen scrap method to extract the data. It’s working fine. When i close and open again. It’s not working.

Hi @mm.murali18,

may be the Zooming is the problem can you try without zooming. (Full screen mode)


Hi Arivu

I tried already try can’t read this file

Hi rkelchuri,

Can i have any sample program like above program. Please share with me…


Anyone, please look into this issue. Appreciate it.

hi @mm.murali18
Even I have some Autocad drawings like that and I want to extract the drawing description and the drawing number out of that.If you know how it worked Can you pls share?

Hi @Kartika

Did you get the solution?
I’m Also working on similar project, tried Anchor Base, Get text but nothing worked out.
If you found any program please share.