Extract data from PDF and store into Excel using String Operations

Hey guys,

I need help to extract data from a pdf file PDF1.pdf (307.9 KB) and store the extracted data into Excel Extracted PDF.xlsx (8.6 KB) using only string operations.

Thanks in advance

Hi @NiranjanKN,
You can read pdf using OCR and then with use of Regex or Substring cut information needed, assign them to variables (string type) and write to excel (write cell).

Hi @Pablito,
I’ve extracted the required info from this PDF PDF1.pdf (307.9 KB) and its displayed in message boxes PDF_Data_Extraction.xaml (16.3 KB). But, I want to know how to store these extracted data into an excel file in this format. Extracted PDF.xlsx (8.6 KB).

Thank you.

  1. Use Build Data Table activity and create Data Table with fields that you want in your excel file
  2. Store all values from extracted PDF file into some strings
  3. Use Add Data Row activity (or something like this) to populate the Data Table that you’ve created in step 1)
  4. Use Excel Application Range activity and inside use Write Range activity to write the Data Table to Excel file

Bp1.zip (309.1 KB)

hope this would help you.

Ashley Nihal Dcunha

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