Extract PDF data to excel without Document Understanding

I’m on a latest community edition and I need to convert multiple pdf entries with similar columns into excel, I guess I cant use document understanding.

Any other workaround?

Hi @rpadevsr
Packages are UiPath.PDF.Activities and UiPath.Excel.Activities
Below are the steps to achieve the following required output:

  1. Use “Read PDF Text” activity to read the PDF and store the output in an variable say str_text.
  2. Use “Generate Data Table” activity to write the extracted text into an datatable say extracted_data.
  3. Use “Write Range Workbook” activity to write the datatable to excel.

Hope it helps!!

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@rpadevsr : If the document layout & field location will be same then you can use PDF Extraction activities for the purpose.

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If your pdfs files have structured data may you can use regex for this and pdf activities.

The problem is to maintain this approach if more layout appears

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other way is only by using PDF activities and using REGEX/Split to extract the data in the pdf

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