Pdf Data extraction by copying data to Notepad

Deat Friends,

Could you please help me with the below scenario:

  1. I have read the pdf(readable pdf) data to notepad
  2. now I need the data highlighted to be extrcted and written to excel in the below format.

Attached the screenshot for referene


Expected Excel output:

Hi @KavithaManohar

Please try using below activity. if data is getting save as excel. you can read the excel and use output data table activity to covert datatable to a text. then use write text file to save as .txt file

Please mark as solution if found helpful :slight_smile:

Hi Roshan,

I tried using this activity, but the output in the excel is not clear as shown below

Hi @KavithaManohar

Can you please share pdf

Also, I can’t use this activity, if my pdf is more than 3 pages

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