Pdf small data extraction


i am not able to extract any small data from my any of the pdf i have tried get text, Anchor type activity also from basic recording copy also but everytime i am getting same output may be it from any pdf something as Avl table container view.Main.xaml (9.6 KB)

Can you provide a sample pdf? Basically, if the pdf was created from a text document, you should be able to use Citrix recording - Text - Scrape - Screen Scraping. The formatting may get messed up though, depending on the PDF.


i have tried with citrix and screen scrapping and then using ocr and then i am getting it the right output.

now i am stuck in writing the data i have created three variable pdf1 pdf2 pdf3 and while using while loop i want to print all these values.
i am attaching my workflow please take a look into it.Main.xaml (18.7 KB)

i have value in pdf1 pdf2 pdf3 and using loop how can i print in excel using write cell
i am using it like this pdf+Cint(counter) since i cannot use pdf"+counter.ToString+" since this will pring string not the variable value.

I will try to help, please provide your pdfs, without your pdfs it will be difficult. Thanks