Extract data from PDF file and store it in Excel File

Please help me to extract data from pdf and store it in excel file in a separate line.

But my output like this Please refer my attached screenshot.

I am using “Read PDF Text” activity for fetching data from PDF file

I want to store my data in excel file in the following formate.

From Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
Time & Life Building
1271 Avenue of the Americas
18th Floor
New York, NY 10020

Invoice ID 8327
Issue Date 12/07/2013
Due Date 02/05/2014 (Net 60)
Subject Lucky Strike: “It’s Toasted” Campaign

Please help me ASAP
Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Parth.Kadia,

Can you show me how the extracted pdf text looks like?
By considering the extracted from pdf text, you have to split it as your need.
You may need to use regular expressions to pre process the string text before print it on excel.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi @Parth.Kadia

It seems like you are extracting the entire line from the pdf file. Why not you try to extract data using a anchor base activity for from, invoice ID, issue date and field’s like that?

Hi @Tharusha_Jayadeera and @Lahiru.Fernando

Here I have attached my workflowMain.xaml (9.8 KB) , PDF file inv 1.pdf (38.8 KB) and Actual Output excel sheet I gotActual_Sheet.xlsx (9.2 KB) and
Also attached Expected excel sheet I want in that formatExpected_Sheet.xlsx (9.1 KB) .
Please help me.

Thank you for your reply.

Anyone please help me it’s urgent for me