Pdf to excel conversion

Hi evewryone,

can some one let me know how to extarct data from my pdf and keep inside excel.
My pdf has some values and then it has a table continously till 4 to 5 pages.
i want to extract only the tables from the pdf and write in excel.

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If your Table is continuous and Structured use “DataScrapping” you will get the complete table and write it your excel using write range activity

Hi Pathrudu,

i have a pdf in which at the beginning there is some text written after those text i have a big table which is continuous till 3 to 4 pages but i tried with Datascrapping that is throwing me an error. and with screen scrapping i am not getting the desired output as well.
Can you help me in this if i forward you one of my pdf?

Sure let’s try

Thanks for your reply pathrudu i will forward you my pdf in sometime.