Read from PDF and write data in excel

Hi guys, Is there a way to get data from PDF and write it in an excel sheet?

Hey @Veskata

There are activities available for the same,



Please explain the use case in detail for more suggestions.

Hope this helps.


Unfortunately I cannot share the PDF because it is full of confidential information. But basically the pdf is not scanned it is just downloaded from a site. There are columns which are perfect for putting in excel. Is there a way for a for each element loop or something. I need to extract the data columns from the PDF and put them in an excel or CVS somehow. I don’t know if this is possible,

Thank you

Hi @Veskata ,

For some types of PDF, we will be able to read it using Microsoft Word as it would be compatible, For Such types we could try reading the pdf file using Word Activities or use Interop.Word methods to read the PDF file as word. One such case is provided in the below post :

Check the post above and let us know if it doesn’t work for your case.

We could try with Regex Methods but we would need to understand the PDF data’s pattern in order to better help your case.