PDF anchor practice 1 in lesson 10

The provided perfect match.pdf appears to be a text based pdf when I try to mark text such as invoice. But as soon as I try to get to that element using Indicate On Screen or uiExplorer only the entire page is highlighted. I am using “find element” in the anchor portion of anchor base. what am I doing wrong?

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Well, that lead me in DC Reader to Edit/preferences and the Page Display left navigation. Down at the bottom I found “Reference XObjects View Mode” selection “Show reference XObject Targets” set to “Only PDF/X-5 Compliant ones”. I reset this to always and it started to work.


Thank you! Worked for me.

I already have those 2 accessibility options checked in Adobe acrobat reader, but I’m still not getting the actual text from the get Text activities

Were you ever able to fix the problem? I am facing same situation (getting AvPageView when trying to extract elementes form pdf file) and I have tried to change all suggested settings in adobe but still no success. So I am eager for any clues on what to do