PDF Extraction_

Hello Guys need to extract pdf
how can I scrape data from it
Accounting Voucher Display .pdf (97.2 KB)
I need to scrape Company name Invoice No Buyer Description quantity and amount

how can I do it

Did we try with normal READ PDF or READ PDF with OCR and get the data from the pdf with normal REGEX or SPLIT method

Cheers @arjun_27

Need to extract data from the PDF. I tried screen scrapping and faced selector issues.

The IDX dynamically changes.

I want to extract all the values which are written in Black and type those value in 3rd party application.

Kindly help


I have used get text activity for each cell in ROW 1. IDX for row 1 is (1,62,63,64,65… so on.)

How do i dynamically change the values of the selector for Row 2 . The idx for row 2 is (2,52,53,54,55… so on )