Extract Pdf Data into Excel

Hi All, I have data from pdf file (Exchange Rate). I just need to extract the data from the column only and transfer the data to the excel file by row. I had tried using Screen Scraping to extract the data but when I run the UiPath in another time, it get wrong data. I’m new to this, please help me.

Have you tried using the Read PDF Text and Read PDF With OCR activities?

You can find them by installing UiPath.PDF.Activities package

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yes. I already tried that activities. but still can’t capture the column of Bank Sell TT. and I also tried using data scraping. but it capture all things in that pdf file

Which scraping engine are you using? (OCR, Full Text, or Native) If you’re using OCR I already see the problem. OCR is not accurate scrapper and it’s best to avoid it.

what is the format of your PDF? is it a scanned copy or a normal typed copy?

It is normal typed pdf

Hi @fizzuraimi,

Try with regular expressions