Pdf data to sql database

i’ve need to extract pdf data and need to store the data in sql data base (under the already created table name)
i’ve extracted the pdf data using regex in the build data

can any one suggest me how to save this data into the sqldb

Hello @lakshmi3 ,

Correct me if am wrong, this is what I got from your question.
You want to extract some data from PDF, put into datatable and push that table to SQL database. If thats the case

  1. Connect UiPath Studio to SQL database, check this post.
    Connect to SQL Database - UiPath
  2. Use Insert Datatable activity which is in Uipath.Database.Activities


i’ve build the connection and tried moving the data using insert activity i’ve this error

DB_sequence.xaml (21.8 KB)
attached is my xaml

The datatable in uipath and database must have the same number of columns and matching datatypes. Please verify that.

ohh then do i need to re build the build data type because the coulmns are different in db

Or… write your own insert/update queries if the datatable and database table are not compatible 1 on 1.

Just loop through the dt with a for each and fire all the insert statetments, written by you to do the data coversions.

can u tell me clearly or can u send xaml if u have

I can’t send an example since I don’t have direct access to a database from my workspace (security restrictions), nor do I know the datamodel you are using.
This is basically it:

Since you are directly accessing your database, I make the assumption that you know how to write an ‘INSERT INTO’ query. (If not you really shouldn’t be messing with this :slight_smile: )
Basically what you do is create a for each row in your source datatable, use the row information to write an insert statetement with the relevant row values as parameters, and execute it for each row.

Edit: seeing the post below… the example should indeed be execute non query instead of execute query. The latter is for select statements.

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You can use for each loop to get the desired values from your data table and use execute non query activity → use inset into query and insert what are the values you want to insert into DB.