Extract data from database to pdf

How to insert data from MySQL in pdf (or) How to extract data from database to pdf…

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yes thats possible
but before that we need to ensure that we have a license for ADOBE or any other pdf editing application, only then we will be able to edit a pdf
and to get the data from a database its possible using UIPATH.DATABASE.ACTIVITIES and to get that go to design tab in studio and click on manage packages and there search for the above package in OFFICIAL tab and install it
–once after installing we can find that package in activities panel where search for activity EXECUTE QUERY or EXECUTE NON-QUERY with which we can connect to a database server and get the output in a form of datatable variable

hope this would helpyou
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Thanks for given suggestion ,But PDF is not mandatory for us and can insert data in word format…???

yah thats possible
and for the same we need to install the package uipath.word.activities from the same official tab in manage packages
once after insalling we can use APPEND TEXT activity inside the WORD APPLICATION SCOPE activity
cheers @vishnumurthy

Requisition Format.zip (23.7 KB)

We have attached one document and below i have mentioned the required suggestions.
1.we want to fill those fields using MYSQL database.
2. Is prescribed format need to upload? If yes, how to upload a document.
3.If any example code is there,please send to for reference.