Insert Datatable into SQL database based on column names

I scraped some data off a PDF that I have stored in a datatable ‘DT’ in UiPath. I need to connect to an existing database ‘Invoices’ in SQL server and add these rows in DT under the correct headers in SQL Server ‘Invoices’
I’m trying to use the Insert Activity but don’t think I am implementing the parameters correctly.
Any help is appreciated.


Welcome back to UIPath Community.

  1. use Build DataTable activity and create datatable and put columns according to your database.

  2. Then read data from pdf activity and pass it to Add DataRow activity to add it to the above created dataTable.

  3. Then use Insert activity to insert that dataTable into SQL Server database.

I have completed the first two steps. its the third one I am having trouble with.
I get an error saying: Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘Table’.