Unable to extract specific elements & Selector doesn't show the elements I need



Hi Everyone,

I am trying to extract specific elements from an Invoice in PDF format such as invoice number, Order number, Total due:

I tried using get Text, Get OCR Text to extract specific information from the file but none of it is working.

I dont understand what variables avlview and avlview 1 mean.

Please, can anybody advise and help me to design the workflow?



Try using Scrape Relative.


See if this can help



Hi @vivek_Nalashaa,

I tried it too but it didn’t work.

Please advice


Hi All,

I am still facing the same problem.

Here is the pdf file, I am working on:wordpress.pdf (42.6 KB)

I want to extract the Invoice number, Order Number, Due date and Total Due from this PDF.

I tried using Google OCR and Get Text (Full Text) activity but it didn’t work.

Note: The PDF file is located on my desktop.

Please advice.