Unable to extract specific elements & Selector doesn't show the elements I need

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to extract specific elements from an Invoice in PDF format such as invoice number, Order number, Total due:

I tried using get Text, Get OCR Text to extract specific information from the file but none of it is working.

I dont understand what variables avlview and avlview 1 mean.

Please, can anybody advise and help me to design the workflow?


Try using Scrape Relative.

See if this can help


Hi @Vivek_Arunagiri,

I tried it too but it didn’t work.

Please advice

Hi All,

I am still facing the same problem.

Here is the pdf file, I am working on:wordpress.pdf (42.6 KB)

I want to extract the Invoice number, Order Number, Due date and Total Due from this PDF.

I tried using Google OCR and Get Text (Full Text) activity but it didn’t work.

Note: The PDF file is located on my desktop.

Please advice.

Any solution to this, even i’m getting this error. PDF is not stable with UIPath.

Please find the attached flow
word_Press.zip (48.2 KB)

Please look at this similar issue, i am not able to figure it out. Really Appreciate it.