Pausing the Robot and human interaction and robot resuming

Hi everyone! I have an question for an interesting case.

Is there a way in web recording (or any recording really) where the robot can be paused and after some mandatory human interactive and the robot’s actions can be resumed.

Check out the Trigger activites, i.e. when user presses alt + J or clicks somewhere you can continue the process


Hi Leela
I understand your question a bit different: that you can pause the recording and then e.g. click a selector and then resume the recording?
You can do this by pressing F2, and then you have 5 seconds before the recording resumes.

BR, Martin

Hi @mmc! Do you mean when the robot is running, I can press F2 and the process is temporarily stopped and then continues?

I’m looking for the robot to do a sequence and in the middle, a user can do some actions and after the set of actions, the robot resumes.


Hi Leela
No then I misunderstood your question. Then I think you should look into the triggers @jayseven mentioned:

BR, Martin

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In addition to the trigger activities, you could just have it be separate jobs. So it’d be RobotJob1 → manual processing → RobotJob2.

You’d probably want to ensure there’s some error handling at the start of RobotJob2 to ensure that both Job1 and the manual processing were both completed successfully though