Can you pause a front office Robot while automation is running?

Can anyone advise if you are able to Pause a front office robot.

If there is an automation which will run for a long period of time and the user needs to pause the Robot, is there a way this can occur?


Take a look at the few suggestions here

@amandao, you can add a separate activity to PAUSE and RESUME the task at run-time.
Or u can use Monitor Event
or you can use the delay activity with timespan.

Yes you can in 18.3

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What is the activity name in 18.3 to pause the robot?

Hi @waheebc,

There is not activity to pause the bot strictly speaking, however you can use either “Message box” or Callout activity to interrupt the bot execution.

@badita refers to the “Pause” feature from the Robot tray (see docs)

2019.1 currently on fast-track allow you to set a shortcut to do so.

Start and stop a process, as depicted below. Once a process is started, the execution status is displayed, with the possibility to Pause, Resume, or Stop the execution. You can use the Report Status activity to have custom status messages displayed during execution. Please note that, upon trigger, the process is paused after the current activity is executed. The Robot status is also displayed in a tooltip when you hover the cursor over the process. You can set global keyboard shortcuts from the User Preferences window to pause/resume, or stop processes


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How do I make use of robot stray. I could find documentation on it.

But how do I enable it? Where do I see it.


You need to launch UiPath Robot application on windows (you should find it easyly with the Windows search).
Then an icon on the Windows System tray will appear with the UiPath logo.

In there you will see all the published processes appearing and you will be able to trigger them from there.


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