Problem with Path Exists

Hello all,
I would like to check whether a file exists, but this does not work.

The initial situation is the following Multiple Assign

File_Path= Directory.GetFiles(ExcelPath)
filtered_Files=File_Path.Where(Function (x) FileName_Array.Any(Function (f) x.Contains(f))).toArray

The Path Exists activity says “File_Path.Where(Function (x) FileName_Array.Any(Function (f) x.Contains(f)))(File)”.

I query this value in a Flow Decision and always get the value “True” even though this file does not exist.
What am I doing wrong?

based on your variables from above

assuming we want to filter the retrieved Paths on filenames contained within the FileName_Array items we can do

Assign activity
LHS: FilePathsFiltered | String() - string array

File_Paths.Where(Function (x) FileName_Array.Any(Function (f) x.toUpper.EndsWith(f.toUpper))).toArray

Thank you, the main problem was the read range activity. In the table, an entry was marked in colour and caused the error.

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