Path Error

Hi All,

I have added a path in my if condition but its showing this below error. Can someone pls tell me what does it mean

Path details - Directory.EnumerateFiles(in_Config(“MainFolderPath”).ToString + “\Data\Input"+in_Config(“Month”).ToString+”"+“Register”, “*.xls”) Is Nothing

is “Register” a file name? as it is missing an extension if so

Please check if the register is a folder, Not a file on the directory

Register is a folder

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question and you know all this, but are you logged into the computer as user “BCP”?

C:\Users\BCP.… would indicate a Windows directory structure for the user BCP. This would change with each user.

Does your variable “MainFolderPath” need to take into account the name of the account logging in to run the robot?

If you have a specific account, called BCP, to run the robot, I apologise. :slight_smile:


Hi, No worries, this is my office laptop and my user name is BCP.

My 1st process where i am reading Mapping sheet.xlsx is working with the same path.

But when i am going in next process then its not taking the same path.

Please check if you have access to the folder by your user,

try steps:
1- copy the path that appeared on the error box
2-go to the run window press (Win+R)
3- paste the path and “enter”

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i did and this path is not showing

got the solution thanks alot

I think it is related to path syntax
Good luck

Yes only one spelling mistake

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