Current File name

Hi there!

Ive managed to stitch together a somewhat working robot, but Ive encountered a problem and I cant figure out why it does not work, hopefully the pros could help me spot the mistake.

I have a robot that goes through a disk, looks for folders that are not older than 90 days, and contain the word “CL” in them. Once located, it goes into the folder, checks for any files that again contain the word “CL” and then filters them out via a flowchart. Heres where the problem comes in, as part of the process that needs to be done for each file, I need UiPath to write the file location into a box (for example D:\123\45161059 CL\45161059_Rechnung_CL), ive used the type into, and added the variable, but it doesnt write anything. Attached a screenshot

Hi @Le_Long1

Try to print the path in message box.
If its prints correctly, then try re-indicating the type into.
Check selector, input action, give some delay, check properties like element not visible or enabled

Hi @Le_Long1

To extract the file name from folder give like this


I hope it works!!