Pasting screenshot from screenshot feature

I’m completing the “Take Screenshot” feature, saving the output as an image variable. I want to go on Word to load the image, however UiPath is giving me this error:

I’ve used “Load image” and “Add image” but I’m getting the same error for both.

How would I fix this?

Thanks for all help

Hello @Short,

Please find the attached xaml file for the same.

Winword.xaml (10.0 KB)

Hope this helps.



Thanks @Madhuraj

Is there no way to in effect copy and paste it into the document, i.e. load it in without saving it? The Word document I’ll have open will change name to a random number and different saving location with each one, which will make it difficult to save and load


I found your query as, you are working on an opened word document and you don`t want to save the word file before adding image to it, as the file path changes every while.

Please go through below mentioned screenshot, try to add image using Insert → Picture Menu of WinWord.

hope it helps,


@Madhuraj Amazing, thank you so much