How to copy image to word document

September 19, 2016 15:19 ANSWERED
I am looking for a specific requirement where i need to take a screenshot and save it to word document.

I am able to take the screenshot and save it to image.

Please suggest how can i add screenshot/ image to word document.

Lavinia Cojocaru September 22, 2016 11:24 Official comment

If you update the UiPath.Word.Activities pack a new activity, Add Image, should appear in the App Integration → Word category.

This activity will append an image from a path to a word document.

For Word integration you need to have Microsoft Office installed.

Muralidhar September 22, 2016 14:08
There is activity Add Image in Word category.

We can see only

  1. Read Text

  2. Replace Text

  3. Export to PDF

  4. Set bookmark content

  5. Append Text

  6. Word Application Scope

To have Add Image activity do wee need to install any specific version

Lavinia Cojocaru September 22, 2016 14:09
You need to restart UiPath Studio after install/update

The package version should be 1.1.6108