Paste special value in excel using uipath

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How to do paste special value in excel …I mean which activity do i select to paste the data ( Paste special value)

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Hi @jimmy_jos1

Check this

Ashwin S

we can use WRITE CELL activity to enter a data to a cell in excel
or if we want to paste any thing in specific
–use start process and pass the file path as input and it will open the file in foreground
–set the value to clipboard using set to clipboard activity
–now use a send hot key and mention the hot key as ctrl+g and use type into activity to mention the place of cell where to go and click activity to click enter
–then again use send hot key activity and use key ctrl+v which will paste the clipboard value to the place where we are now

hope this would help you
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How to format the data copied from notepad to Excel…everything is coming on a single row i dont want that to happen…?

may i know how that data looks
–if its in a structured way we can use GENERATE DATATABLE ACTIVITY and pass that string as input and get the output with a variable as datatable which can be passed to excel with write range activity
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data looks like this image

No delimiter

then fine
we can use GENERATE DATATABLE ACTIVITY and mention the delimiter as tab
like this

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Not sure…


Can you show an example

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hope this would help you

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Hey dude!
So I just did this for my project as I didn’t want the html objects.


So basically for Excel instructions wise:
Ctrl V (to Paste)
Ctrl (just press control button to open up the Paste Special Options)
M (this selects the Match Destination Formatting)

Please note I then had to do a Send Hotkey just to hit Enter so the cells splits before saving or doing any other formatting.

I had to keep the “[d(ctrl)]v[u(ctrl)]” + “[d(ctrl)][u(ctrl)]” + “m” together as you want the data to stay selected until you’ve re-formatted it using the Special Paste.

Hope this helps,

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Hi @jimmy_jos1,

You can do paste special using the following send hotkeys activity:

  1. Ctrl + C =>For the entire Column Data which you have to paste special.
  2. Alt+Ctrl+v (Or Ctrl+Alt+v) => Using single hotkey activity.
  3. Press “Down” (Twice) using single hotkey. (For Values)
  4. Press “Enter”.

Hope it helps.