Getting data from excel to paste in decisionbox

Hey i need to extract som data from a excel sheet, and place in the decision box.

If the data is false, it should do nothing, but if the data i 3 or more it should take action.
but i really can’t figure out what i need to type in the Condition box. What should the VB expresion be?

Do you know how to get value from excel? Read range or Read cell?

Assign that value to a variable(int) before decision box.

Inside decision box in condition type Variable >=3

It should work.

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Thanks has it all working now, don’t no where what went wrong… another question.
My program has to analyse a cell with some decision boxes. after that it has to check another cell, for the opposite result. and so on with 6 cells. but it gives me an error telling me : the specified element is already the logical child of another element. disconnect it first… but how the hell do i do that and still get my info from the first cell?

I am coping the data from cell and while pasting that data i want to paste by using paste special option how i paste that data .please require argent reply.


Just make use of SendHotKey activity and pas these.
Ctrl+Alt+V, or Alt+E+S to open the Paste Special dialog.

Or you can right click on value and choose paste special and use shortcut keys

For more.

Thanks it works.