Paste content in value only to excel cell

Hi I have an excel workbook which contains cell validation and the excel tab has locked by group company.

When I read data from other system (to system data table) then write to this file may cased error pop up due to cell validation, even through my paste value are 100% correct. If I do it manually, or use send hotkey (Ctrl + V), then it works.

I suspect that the value may paste along with some format which caused the cell validate fails. Is there any setting in Uipath can only write cell without any format which means value only.

Your suggestions or idea are welcomed, but don’t say just unlock the tab, coz I don’t have the password to do that. Thanks.


If you are needing to use Paste Content, there are few things you could try.

  1. you can use Get from Clipboard activity to extract text, then use Set to Clipboard again.

  2. use the alt key combination, which you can see by pressing Alt key, then press H (for Home), then V (for Paste), then T (for Text only) as seen in the Menu ribbons.

For example, TypeInto "[k(alt)]hvt"