How can I paste data into an excel spreadsheet?


Is there a way for me to paste data (copied from the clipboard) into an Excel spreadsheet using the keyboard hotkeys “Ctrl + v”, what are the best activities to use please?


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Any how you can copy paste data from and into spreadsheets. But UiPath provides Excel and Workbook activities that may be the better choice when you try to read, write or manipulate data in spreadsheet.

For example;

  • Read range is an activity which reads data in excel and retrieve data as datatable.

  • Write range is an activity that writes datatable values into excel.

For further clarification drop into this link:

Excel and datatable

Excel activities

dude i solved it.
u still want the answer?
i paste the data into google spreadsheet formula text
then i use get data then to the spreadsheet.
took me three days to figure it out.