Copy paste Excel VBA code

I have a Excel file where I take data from one row and paste to the one below and everything works fine except for the parts where the cell is a written VBA code. Apparently using hotkeys would be one solution from what I read but in my case the data is in different cells, using the cellnumbers as a variable, so it might be difficult to locate what cells to copy and paste through hotkeys.
If there is any solution on how to copy and paste the cells VBA and not only the written value, I would really like to know!

May I know how it will be ran manually
So that we can replicate the same steps with uipath activities
Cheers @Robert_Wennberg

Hello @Palaniyappan

Sorry for the late response.
I will be attaching a sample of the excel file so you can see what it is like.
What I want to do though is to copy all the gray columns to the row below them with he VBA code intact. Using UIPath only gets the value of the cell and not the actual code, like a CTRL+C - CTRL+V would.
(Don’t bother about the VBA being invalid, it is connected to another sheet and this is just a sample taken from it)

Sample.xlsx (10.2 KB)