Password Reset Does Not Work Owing to Email Confirmation Issues

Why is it unable to receive Orchestrator password reset email even though it says it has been sent, and all other email alerts work fine?

Sometimes while attempting to reset an Orchestrator user password, one may fail to receive the password reset email even though the UI shows otherwise(See below) .


Upon checking the Event Viewer logs, observe the following exception:

UiPath.IdentityServer.Web.Application.Services.UserService Password reset email not sent. is not confirmed

This error usually occurs when the email of the user has not been confirmed. The user would receive a confirmation email when their user ID is first added to the Orchestrator. This needs to be verified by clicking the link within the email that is received.

Root Cause: User email confirmation not performed.

Resolution: In order to resolve the issue, try the following

  1. Make Changes within the Orchestrator Database:
  • Launch the Orchestrator database
  • Open the "dbo.Users" table and for the affected user entry (i.e. row containing the user's email), modify the "IsEmailConfirmed" parameter to value "1". As of now, it should be 0 since the email has not been confirmed.
  • Repeat the above step on the "EmailConfirmed" field for the affected user under "identity.AspNetUsers" table in the database as well.
  • Try resetting the password now and check if the reset email is received .

Note: Take backup of the database before making any DB changes. Also, perform the changes under the supervision of the DBA.

  1. Re-provision the User:

If Approach 1 is not feasible, delete and recreate the affected user and confirm\validate the email at creation by leveraging the confirmation email received. It should be possible to receive the password reset email eventually, however it will not really be needed since the user as been recreated.