Password Generator in Orchestrator

Hey Guys,

One of our clients have requested if we can provide a password generator in the UiPath orchestrator.
We have assets created for application login in the orchestrator and granted access to the clients to enter/update the login credentials. As the application password expires in X days, they are looking for a way in the orchestrator were they can on click of a button or something can generate a password and update the credential assets. Can this be done? If not, can you suggest a way to do this?

I know from a developer point of view, we have activties to generate password but here we want to handover a feature in the orchestrator UI for the clients to generate password on their own and update the assets accordingly.

Please let me know. Thanks.

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hi @Siddarth_Nair
you can try out CyberArk Integration with a different perspective
Better to Create a Job to run via orchestrator and generate password and save it in Config file or separate secure location
you can have fully automate option that password never expire
(If password expiry in X days , you can schedule a process to run on X-1 {1day before of password expiry day } to change the password of all the relevant)

how about it …
In Orchestrator there are no any option to generate password , but you can have a process to do it via orchestrator

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