Automatic update of application credential in Orchestrator


To update the passwords used by robots in orchestrator I use a robot that takes new credentials and updates them in orchestrator with the Set credentials activity.
The customer every 30 days uses a service that updates all the passwords access to applications.
Is it possible to connect the service directly to orchestrator? In this way I could delete the robot that updates credentials in orchestrator.
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Hi @mirco
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what kind of service they use to change the password buddy @mirco

For a security matters, it is required to manually change the password. When this happens, all passwords change utilizing a service. We need to verify if it is possible to expose Orchestrator as a service in order to build a communication with the client service, and recognise the new password changed.
Without this integration between services, when the password is required to be changed manually, Orchestrator doesn’t have all the passwords updates causing the robot interruption. would you be able to give us a feedback if there is the chance to expose Orchestrator? we’ve already sent a request about the type of client service to be utilased and you’ll sent updated on it ASAP