Password challenge

Hi guys,

Hello to the community, I’m pretty new to UiPath and now I’m stuck with a basic security challenge (at least for humans).

I want to connect to my bank account and to do that I need to click on numbers to enter a password but the password differs every time since the website is only asking me for 3 numbers (random position) of my 6 digits PIN code.

Who have an idea?


Are you doing this project for yourself right? im quite afraid to help in this… :money_mouth_face:

can you see the individual elements with UiExplorer where the circles ◙ or underscores _ are? If so that’d make it relatively easy with a series of element exist combined with if statements

@PluViteKaFon - also, keep in mind that ING bank has a public API that is documented here: ING Developer Portal which I would probably recommend using if possible. It should be much more secure, much quicker, and more resilient to changes

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i dont know how you will do this neither do i know how your website operates but if i were to do then here is a rough sum up of my idea.

my idea runs on this assumption → each of the 6 pins have its own selector. or you can use computer vision.

assuming you don’t store your pin in ur robot

input dialogs in a while loop asking for ur PIN to key into array list (easier way to do is to use 6 input dialog each to key value into an integer/string array list)

first i will have a counter.
counter is set to 0, and is used to count the element based on their selector unique ID or smth

then i will use element exist with dynamic selectors (this please explore yourself) to distinguish if this is an already present key.

Next, use if for the condition above, if circle exist, then nothing, else below.

use counter as base, extract the number from the array list earlier i mentioned associated with the position of the missing pin. assign it to a variable.

use the variable to create another dynamic selector for a click activity

click activity with the dynamic selector

then assign counter + 1

for the above starting from <<<<<<<<<<<<, this is done in a while loop, where condition is counter < 6

then lastly a click activity to end it off

note: idk if this will work, explore yourself, you need to find a common ground for the 6 pin positions yourself. i cant help you on that but above is how i will do