Automate login to a bank account online (using virtual keyboard for password) with uipath

Hello Everyone. I am new to Uipath and I need help in a process I need to automate.

I need to login to a bank account, give the username and then the password. for the password, we can’t use type into as we need to use the virtual keyboard and click letters in keyboard and the position of numbers in the keyboard change everytime we go to the website. how can we do that in uipath.?

thank you

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@Saf_AI Is there any demo application similar to this, so that i can work on that :sweat_smile:

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I am using this bank website as example ony :sweat_smile:
I dont have any account for test

I tried to click ( Click activity ) on each letter but it didn’t work. how to make it identify the virtual keyboard … sorry if I’m making it hard for you

@Saf_AI Are you able to enter the account number?

@Saf_AI Try using click image activity

yes type into works perfectly for that ( typing the account number). but the problem is with the virtual keyboard
don’t know how to do


What about Click activity. What error are you facing while using click activity

each click depends on the position of the number not the number itself. I guess because it’s a bank site it’s secure. so uipath only recognizes the position not tne number there. Every time you open the website the numbers position change. so it doesn’t click the right number but only the saved position.
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click image is working for me now ! :grinning::grinning:

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