Passing Specific Column Values from Datatable in System through TypeInto Activity

This is my output datatable.

Transactions may appear in one line or in multiple lines. I want to enter the values based on sou, sap_code, product_line. e.g for each individual product line(A,B,C etc.)

If I am working with B line then I have to post all of the line of data of B line and similar for other lines

How may I design the loop?
unique_test.xaml (14.8 KB)
1output.txt (6.7 KB)

Hi @Tanzill_Ahsan ,

Please follow the below steps to do so.

  • Use “for each row in datatable” activity to iterate through each row in data table.
  • Inside the “for each row in datatable” activity, Use three “Get Row Item” activity get sou, sap_code, and product_line cell values from that particular row.
  • Use Type into and pass the output of “Get Row Item” into “Type into”.

These steps will be repeated in a loop until all the rows have been processed.

Let me know if this works for you.

Ashutosh Gupta

@Ashutosh.Gupta working on it, i will get back to you soon

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Hi @Tanzill_Ahsan, seems like this is a similar post, please find the solution at Passing Datatable Value in TypeInto Activity - #7 by Vamsi_Krishna_Gogineni

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