Find Specific Value from Datatable

I am trying to extract data from a DT, for column, material code, but while I am trying to write it in typeinto activity but end up getting this error

Where my Output DT is, Transaction_DT and expected result to pick for Transaction 1 is SOLFS001L12P and the value of DT will update on next transaction


You might be getting this error because of the wrong column name or the column might not be there in the specific data table. Can you please check it & confirm?

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Hi @Tanzill_Ahsan ,

Could you double check on the datatable that is being used ? What was the datatable used in the Write Line Activity and in the Type Into Activity/For Each Row Activity.

Hii @Tanzill_Ahsan ,
Can you please show us SS of the current flow

HI @Tanzill_Ahsan

Try this inside the For each row in datatable



May be the Datatable name is created twice in different scopes or you have passed different datatable variable in the for each or type into activity @Tanzill_Ahsan

HI @Tanzill_Ahsan

Can you check the name in the excel file? may be the DT is not contains with this kind of column headers.

Instead of Name you can try with ColumnIndex


I am sharing my xaml for clear understanding,

Data Filter.xaml (66.3 KB)

Here I am generating each transaction individually from Transaction DT and want Transaction_DT’s output in typeinto activity

@Jithesh_R shared my xaml

@arjunshenoy column name is alright, having this problem due to a filter data table activity

HI @Tanzill_Ahsan

Try this



If I want to write all of these in one typeinto like ctrl+v will it work too?

Create one string variable EX. ABC
Add all Material code in ABC variable using For each row in Datatable activity (User CurrentRow(“Material_Code”).ToString instead of Transaction_Dt.Rows(0)(“Material_Code”).ToString
User ABC variable in tyeinto activity

as I mentioned earlier, I am unable to work with foreachrow in DT in this case as I am not getting values from it

i need transaction_dt

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