Passing in argument values to create a result file


In the final part of my project I need to use the values of my in arguments in ‘Process’ to send a result mail in ‘Post-processing’ (I’m working with the REFramework). I have a List variable in Main that I need to fill with my results. My data table will exist of 3 columns: Name, Open, Closed.

How do I make it so I can use the values from my argument in Process workflow for the result file I’d like to make in post-processing?

I hope my question is clear enough, thank you in advance!

Hi @Nomad

just to confirm, you have your list and datatable values in your main reframework, and you want to pass those values to the process workflow?

Hello! No, it’s the other way around. I have a list in my Main. The values that I have in process, I want to pass to post-processing.

Hi @Nomad, I believe you have a DataTable in Process.xaml and you want to pass it outside Process.Xaml. So, you can convert that variable into argument of direct Out and assign a variable at invoke workflow argument section for Process.xaml. Here Result is my variable to hold the datatable that I just passed outside and can be used for post processing.

Hi, thank you for the example! I also have arguments in Process that have values stored in them that I want to ‘‘reuse’’ in my datatable. Is that possible, and how could I do that?

Hi @Nomad

just give the variable name in the invoke workflow activity, it will retrieve the value from the process workflow and will store in your variable

Hi @Nomad, if you have few more arguments and want to pass the values out of Process.xaml, similar to the DataTable we discussed about, you can change the direction of them to ‘Out’ in Process.xaml arguments section. Once you do it and save the xaml, you’ll see the arguments created at the place the Process.xaml is invoked. You just have to pass the variables to which you want to save the values, just like the variable ‘Result’ in below screenshot.

Thank you so much, @fernando_zuluaga too!

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