Passing Arguments - return values

Can we pass arguments from process.xaml to main file in re frame work, while I’m trying this the value is taking as null…no matter what

Hi @Sai_deepthi

Please give the arguments as out so that it will help you to get the values from process to main xaml


Did that too. But once the process is getting back to main xaml the value is becoming null

Hi @Sai_deepthi

Please check the arguments and variables are correctly passed or not and also in the main xaml please keep the variables scope to the outer most sequence


Hello @Sai_deepthi , Use the Argument as a Out on Process.xaml file.
Note: If any Error occured on the Process.Xaml file, the value may be returns null

Hello sai,

Create the out Arguments in your xaml: for example

  1. I have created Apple is my xaml file in that i have assigned the Str_string = “Apple” and give as “out Argument”

  1. In the main Process file i have invoked that apple file

3)In the import Arguments assign variable (ctrl + K) string variable “Str_apple”

  1. use log message or write line to check the output

  2. Now the run the process file you will get the your output

I hope this example will understand you


You need to create an out argument in process.xaml and then in main.xaml crwate a variable and link the value to that variable in the invoke workflow activity inport argumnets

Note tht the values are passed only when the process.xaml is successful if it throws error then the values are not pssed and you would see null