Passing Data tables and other objects to Forms

Currently working on building a end user facing form that will collect data points for a unattended bot. Where we can, we are trying to auto populate some of the data fields on the form from a couple database tables and we have been able to do so with the basic text fields using the do loop to pull data and FormFieldsCollection to pass it to the form. However, we would like to try to use an excel worksheet or data table to pre populate some of our drop down list components. We also had trouble figuring out how to load in date values to date/time components using the same methods.

Does UiPath currently have the capability to do so?

Thanks in advanced.

Hi @omallem2

Can you please explain me more on this? I can be able to help you.

Do you want to prepopulate the date? or
Do you want to preload the dropdown data?

If you want to prepopulate the date, then it is same as text field.

Create a variable in System.DateTime Type then use it as field key in date time field. It will prepopulate.

So we have figured out populating the drop down list use “_dropdown” in addition to the field key name in the FormFieldsCollection. image image. Our question now is there any documentation around this? Is there a _radio for radio buttons or _Survey for Survey components?

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I think, as said by @Tamilselvan above:

For simple fields, such as radio buttons, etc, it should be enough to pass the appropriate variable in the field key (I suppose a boolean value for a radio button, etc).

Yes, @loginerror is right.

Only for Selectboxes, dropdown we have _dropdown, _selectboxes as suffix in the collection. That is set meta data for the controls like what options to be displayed with you click in the dropdown.