How to import values into dropdown list of UiPath Forms

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Hi All,

I have a list of values in DataTable Column how do i pass those values to UiPath Form dropdown list component rather than manually adding them.


Try to assign your values to List of string like this:

ListOfValues = dataTableExample.AsEnumerable.Select(Function (row) row.Field(Of String)(“columnWithValuesName”)).toList

It works for me with following settings.

2020-04-15 20_51_04-UiPath Form Designer

It’ s now populating the whole column from Datatable in DropDown List But problem I’m encountering is that once I select single value from that DropDownList it is not coming the whole list is only coming in json output of create form.
Please suggest the solution

Just use JsonToDataTable activity to convert Form JSON to datatable and extract selected value from it by assigning

selectedValue = formOutput_dataTable.rows(0).item(“ListOfValues”).ToString


I’m selecting “project2” but still jsonoutput is giving the whole list. Please see the screenshot.

Have you tried to convert JSON to DT and assign value in the way I explained in previous post?

Hi zvenokeeper. Would you be willing to share an example xaml on this, I feel like I’m close but can’t quite get it, and this would be very beneficial. Thank you

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when I apply this solution I get the following error after complete the task :
Wait for Form Task and Resume: Error converting value “***” to type ‘System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.String]’. Path ‘list’.
because the input of dropdown list is list and the output is String …

Does not work for me on simple strings, and also not on a list Ingoing FormData argument is not available in Form Designer