Orchestrator Practice 9 regarding Arguments (solution .xaml provided)

Can we please get the types for the arguments and more detailed instructions?

This is what I have:

My arguments (no default value for out, actually have no idea what the out argument is for):

My variables:

Also what goes in the Finally section of the Try Catch?

Here is the file: Main.xaml (7.3 KB)

(file says Practice8 but it’s Practice9).

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Buddy @nyck33


  1. So buddy usually when we want a value to be passed within our workflow that is one workflow we use variables to for, but if we want to pass the values between different workflow we use arguments and it can be made possible whether to go out or get from others with its direction like
    IN - will get the input value from other workflow and use it in its workflow, the current workflow being
    OUT- will pass the value as a output to other workflow and enable the other workflow to make use of it
    IN/OUT - a argument with this direction can either take the input or give a output value, and this is used when we want to use a argument that can take and give values from and to workflow

so coming to the point,
here in_file its good that you have passed the value to the argument of direction IN explicitly, hardcoded, or even term it as directly
but when the input is processed and if you want to pass the value of the process as a output to other workflow, you must have a variable that actually gets the value in the process and that should be passed to the argument outArg here buddy , with a variable that is getting value from the process…among the one you have down the image you have attached

Kindly Try this and let know buddy, because its a practice session, i don’t want to ruin your learning by giving the solution out here…kindly try buddy…if not working no worries, lets sort this out together…hope you don;t mistake, and thanks for your kindness
Cheers @nyck33


Yes, I got it correct, 9.46 KB file size in a Message Box.

Many thanks to the textbook like explanation above.

For anyone else stuck on this, here’s the .xaml below

Main.xaml (7.9 KB)

And like you said, if I want to use outArg in another workflow I guess I can add this at the end:

Thats great

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