Using Variables in Arguments

Sorry for this post, but I’m having trouble understanding how to pass variables through the work flow. I have three separate files that I try to combine in a ‘Main’ sequence. I use the invoke workflow file to chain all three files together. The problem is that I need to pass variables between all three of them. Specifically, I have variables that use ‘Get Text From’ and I need the text they get for other other variables. I know I need to use arguments to do this, but I’m lost as to go about using an argument to send the information from the get text. Basically, my flow looks like:

Main File: {

  •                **[Start]** ->
  •              **[Download File]** (Get Text to Read Date) -> 
  •              **[Excel File Manipulation]** (uses Download File's Get Text to Find File Name) (Read 

Range to find last cell) →

  •              **[Excel File Import]** (uses Download File's Get Text to Find File Name) (Uses Read Range

to find last Cell for spreadsheet Importing)].

– Sorry for creating an outline instead of uploading code, the material I’m working with is very sensitive –

So, my question is how do I pass these variables through arguments?


you are almost on right way,

you need arguments to pass between the workflows.

arguments are of three types in, out , in/out

in → input for workflow
out → output from workflow
in/out → input and output argument

in order to pass some values lets say from workflow 1 of your main workflow you need to create some variables of same type in main and use them in to argument section of workflow 1.