Passing arguments in invoke process

Should we pass the argument name manually in invoke process or is there a way to populate directly from package?

Hi @Amulya_A
What you mean by populate directly from package? do you mean “Argument1” and “Argument2”?
or the Value column?

Argument1 and argument 2

I have manually entered Argument 1 and argument 2 but when i run i’m getting object reference not set to an object but i’m sure i have given correct direction and type as of package

The arguments should not be created in the invoke Workflow like in the screen you shared
Arguments should be created in the arguments panel inside the workflow itself:

Once you do that, you can pass the value in the Value column in invoke workflow.

Okay…That means do we need to create arguments in arguments panel and then use those in edit arguments of invoke process right?

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Hi @Amulya_A yes first create the arguments in argument panel and then edit it in invoke workflow and pass the values to those arguments. For more information find the below attachments. (2.2 KB)

in the invoke workflow, all you need to do is pass the value. Let me know if that worked :slight_smile:

This is an example of the invoke of a workflow that calculates the SUM of two numbers: (35.7 KB)
Other thing, as you will see in the sample code i shared, the best practice is to always name your arguments starting with “In” or “out” depending of the arguments type and to differentiate them from variables.

I have asked query about invoke process activity not invoke workflow activity