Invoke workflow passing urgument

Hi friends,
I’m having a problem to pass in the argument using invoke workflow activity.
I got the value rowID before the invoke workflow but after this activity I got the blank. Please assist. Thank you.



Can you try the following steps?

  1. Set Breakpoint at the InvokeWorkflowFile activity, then run debug mode.

  2. Workflow will stop there, and check value of rowID at LocalsPanel.

  3. If it’s no problem, press F11 (Step into), and it moves to next activity then check value of variables/arguments if they are same as you expect.

  4. Continue the above step 3 to reaching activity which you found the problem.


Hi Yoichi,
I have tried your recommendation. the value of rowID is what I expected before and after the invoke workflow activity. But Message Box in the project is “Blank” so I cannot navigator to the url I want .

If I manually put in the number of rowID (e.g https://abcxxx=200)and it works. Now if just stop at https://abcxxx=

Any advise. Thank you



Can you check if there is also rowID at variable panel in called workflow? If there is, please delete it.
Or can you share your workflow, if possible?



The main issue is the variable and argument is called with same name which is usually not recommended considering best practices

So for argument if it’s IN direction then name that argument as in_argumentName and if it’s OUT then name it as out_argumentName

Here name it as in_rowID for argument and the value be named the same as how it is now rowID

And inside the workflow which is been invoked, use a MESSAGE BOX activity where mention as in_rowID.ToString and see whether value is coming or not

Cheers @Perri

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