Invoke process - how to pass input arguments


I am trying to use Invoke process, can you suggest with example how to pass arguments for a process.

For example: I have a process which takes input via “in_String” which if passed will display a message box with the string passed. How can I pass this via Invoke process and make sure it maps with the “in_String” present in the process intended (as there can be more input arguments of string type).


Hy @ankit.jain1,

To pass arguments you must use the Arguments property of the activity


The names and type or arguments must match with one you are trying to call: Like this:

Happy Automation


Hello, I have a same question with Ankit Jain.

upper answer is for “Invoke WorkFlow”, but my problem is for “Invoke Process” or “Run Parallel Process”.
Anyone knows the answer?

“Run Parallel Process”

How can I pass the argument “logContent” to here?